Using the AREDN network we have local monitoring and data gathering, which is compiled on a server hosted by KG7KMV and made available on this Dashboard

  • Lower Squaw Butte
    • 640W of solar
    • 320Ah LiFePO4 battery with insulation and heater
    • Repeaters:
      • AREDN coverage for Emmett with 40 mile link to Hat Butte in Melba
      • 1.25m repeater at 224.94 PL tone of 100HZ with a 1.6mhz offset.
      • 2m repeater at 146.740MHz PL tone of 100.0Hz with a -0.6MHz offset.
      • 70cm repeater at 444.375 PL tone of 100.0Hz with a +5MHz offset.
      • APRS digipeater as GEM700
      • GMRS repeater at 462.700MHz PL tone of 250.3 up and down
  • Hat Butte
    • ?400W of solar
    • 100Ah liFePO4 battery with heater
    • Services:
      • AREDN coverage for South Nampa with 40 mile link to Lower Squaw Butte in Emmett
      • 2m FM and Fusion repeater at 146.92 PL tone 100Hz with -0.6MHz offset

Club members monitor many different repeaters and frequencies with many that monitor the calling frequencies.

For FM 52.525, 146.520, 223.500, 446.000, 927.1, 1294.500 and many times 13cm and 6cm.

SSB of 50.125, 144.200 are also monitored regularly by club members.

We like to support the uncommon bands like 1.25m, 33cm, 23cm to keep them active.